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Property Management

ACRE Property Management Division manages properties of third parties with the same care and dedication that manages its own assets.

Our client’s trust is the direct result of the success in applying the following policies:

First, we establish direct and friendly communication lines with customers and tenants. We set expectations from the beginning. We encourage immediate reports of problems and respond promptly to any request. We pay attention and respect to the needs of property owners and tenants and expect the same respect and cooperation in return.

Secondly, we work with capable and reliable professionals. As a result of our past experience, we have utmost confidence in both our internal and construction teams, maintenance, gardening and cleaning services that we subcontract.

The third and most important component is our constant effort to satisfy our clients. We dedicate ourselves to 100% to maintain the managed properties in the best possible conditions.

“The Garden is no more than the extension of your home” – Roberto Burle Marx

It all started in 2014, when we built our aparthotel Palma Residences and we understood there were no plants for sale in the area. We built our own vivarium with species from Maputo – right now we have two vivariums, one in Palma and one in Pemba – and created a team of 100% dedicated professionals.


ACRE Landscaping begins by doing a detailed analysis of the situation and individual characteristics of each space as well as the needs of the client. In this way, we can present a suitable design to valorise your space in the best way.
Both the design and the execution of the work is ensured by a team of professionals with international experience and formation, that has been working for several years.
At the end of the construction we included a 3-month follow up of maintenance in order to ensure the good adaptation of the species used in the garden.

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Pre-fab solutions

African Century Real Estate joined ICS Group to offer turn key services for temporary accommodation, normally used in construction shipyard and Oil & Gas and mining activities.

We count on the experience in construction and management of logistics bases services and temporary camps in remote locations such as Palma and Pemba.
Whatever the size of your work, we can develop your yard project and execute it. We guarantee the design and construction and ensure operations and maintenance, guarantee that your team has all the necessary services.


When we built our Hotel Apartment – Palma Residences – 2nd Phase, we realized that we did not want to make the same mistake that we did in the 1st Phase, that is, to import expensive furniture but poorly resistant, especially when there is very good quality of wood available in Cabo Delgado.


In this way, we set up a carpentry in Palma, bought the equipment and hired and trained our team. After finishing the production of furniture for “Palma Residences”, we decided to offer the same quality work to third parties.

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