LNG contracts with Anadarko and Eni

Mozambique approves changes to LNG contracts with Anadarko and Eni

Mozambique’s cabinet has approved changes to liquefied natural gas (LNG) contracts with U.S. oil major Anadarko and Italy’s Eni to allow the two companies to sell the government’s share of gas from projects in the Rovuma Basin. Mozambique’s Government spokeswoman Ana Coana said after the amendments were approved by cabinet that, “The government opted to…

Frontier visas

Further 18 border posts are authorized to issue frontier visas

The Mozambican government announced that, with immediate effect, a further 18 border posts are authorized to issue frontier visas. They join the 26 border posts that have been issuing frontier visas since 2005. This leaves only 14 border posts that are not authorized to issue visas. This is largely a matter of obtaining the appropriate equipment,…

Work Environment- in Pemba

The importance of a good working environment

Environment is a term originating in the Latin ambĭens, which means “that surrounds”. This notion refers to the environment surrounding living beings, conditioning their vital circumstances. The environment, therefore, is formed by diverse conditions, as much physical as social, cultural and economic. Work, in turn, is the measure of the effort that people make. It…