Community involvement at ACRE’s operations

Community involvement is a very important aspect of all ACRE’s operations. It is very difficult for a local community to see a foreign company to arrive to their ancestral region and start operating, doing things, changing things, without them knowing who they are and what they are doing. See how ACRE does it. It raises…


Past, present and future of Pemba

The history of Pemba as a city is very recent. It was granted its charter on October 18th, 1958, i.e., less than 60 years ago. We must bear in mind that until the beginning of the 20th century the Portuguese administration of this region was made through IBO. Before that, Pemba was just a small…

ACRE's work team in Maputo

ACRE’s work team in Maputo

5 tips that we use to work better with our fellow co-workers, but that your business can use too. From left to right, this is our team work in Maputo: Albino Muleia (Logistics and Transport), Marcio Fumo (Finance Manager), Rita Mapie (Office Manager), Alfredo Cuambe (Accounting Assistant), Diogo da Cunha (Commercial Manager). Building relationships with colleagues in…