Mozambique expects to raise US$16 billion in revenues

Mozambique expects to raise US$16 billion in revenues from the South Coral liquefied natural gas project in the province of Cabo Delgado. Fábio Castiglioni, director general of the Italian oil company ENI, to which the government has granted rights to operate the project for the next 30 years, told the newspaper Notícias that this amount…

Graça Machel Visited Palma Residences

Graça Machel visited Palma Residences

Graça Machel honores ​us spending the night in Palma Residences The president of FDC, Fundação para Desenvolvimento da Comunidade, Mrs. Graça Machel, visited Palma during her recent August trip to Cabo Delgado, where FDC is working with several districts implementing different programs on malaria prevention and women rights. Mrs Machel, former minister of Culture of Mozambique and…